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Meet Love Luna.
The big sister you go to for advice, she’s your trustworthy period wing woman here to bring you a collection of blogs around lifestyle, wellness and of course all things periods. We’re always on the lookout for Luna Lovers to chat to – if you have a story to tell, advice to give or just want to have a chat get in touch

Endometriosis Awareness Month

Mar 08, 2023
Why is Endometriosis awareness month so important? The average wait time is 8-10 years for diagnosis
with no current cure.

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Unpacking Endometriosis

Mar 27, 2023
"Everyone around me was getting their period and I thought something was wrong with me because I hadn't gotten mine yet - little did I know".

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Getting to know the Luna team.

May 03, 2023
In honour of Mental Health Awareness Month, we thought we’d take the opportunity to check in with our Love Luna team. We’re taking the time to get to know them, their cycles and what tools they use to practice self-care.

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Breaking the Barriers: Periods and Girls' Sports Participation

May 01, 2023
Recently, we conducted a survey with Lavatribe and gathered 2302 responses from girls across Australia.

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