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Seed cycling seeks to restore this delicate hormone balance by harnessing the power and nutrient properties of pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds, sunflower seeds and sesame seeds. These seeds are consumed at specific times of your cycle to support the production and detoxification of estrogen and progesterone, our main sex hormones.
In this two part series we sat down with the women behind The Seed Cycle - Mel and Sarina. We spoke all things Seed Cycling, hormones, menstrual education and what it means to make empowered choices for your body! 

Together, we said Pants To The Tax!

Together, we contributed to a collective initiative that is not just a fiscal change, but a bloody amazing win that represents commitment to economic justice, global progression, menstrual equity and public health. 


We're very excited to introduce you to a lady of many colours that has truly brighten up our lives (and period briefs), Kasey Rainbow.

"A lot of consults I’ve had for reconstruction seem to have this narrative that you know “oh I’m just being vain,” “I’m being selfish,” or they don’t feel worthy and put themselves down. Women have been expected to put up with these things, and its just not the case. I want everyone to know that many people are candidates and that you deserve the discussion around reconstruction whether you choose to do it or not."

- Dr Natalie Ngan.

This month, we spoke with The PCOS Nutritionist Shahzeen Baig.

We discussed all things PCOS: from how to be diagnosed, presenting symptoms, all the way through to her success story helping a Dr and client of hers fall pregnant with twins after years of trying!

As always, grab a tea, kick back and relax and let’s chat PCOS.