Luna Loves: Our favourite period products

Hey Luna Lovers!

Welcome to your ultimate guide of period products to help you throughout your cycle.

Tried, tested and loved by yours truly – Luna.

Before we dive in, we’d like to note that the products mentioned below are in no way sponsored or endorsed by the brands mentioned. This is simply a guide to products that the team here at Luna HQ personally find helpful to combat menstrual symptoms.


Tonic Heat Pillow

The Tonic heat pillow is a personal fave of Bellas here at Luna HQ. Tonic makes a variety of cute and cozy heat packs that can be super helpful when suffering from period cramps. Bellas heat pack of choice is from the ‘Luxe Velvet’ collection. The velvet exterior works well to contain the heat for longer periods of time whilst minimising any sweat in the fabric caused during the heating process. The inside of the heat pillow is filled with locally sourced barley and lavender which aids in relaxation in those times of painful periods and is a must have in your period arsenal.


‘How to Endo’ by Bridget Huswaite

Whether you suffer from Endometriosis, suspect you may have it or simply want to learn more – this book is a great starting point and has something for everyone. It’s full of great advice and information whether you’re a period pro or just starting out. Bridget takes you through everything you need to know about Endometriosis, from signs and symptoms, how to get diagnosed, surgical options and how to find support groups near you. It’s a great read and super informative – 10/10 from the Luna Team.



If you’re anything like us, your social media is scattered with ads about TENS machines, and where to buy them… (maybe that’s just us?) But the Ovira is tried, tested and does not disappoint. For anyone suffering with painful periods and cramps a TENS machine is a must have and can really help to manage painful flare ups caused by Endometriosis. Whilst there are a few alternatives on the market, we love the Ovira because it’s sticky pads can be moved and placed anywhere on the body, helping to relieve pain caused by abdominal cramps or even back aches.

How it works? The Ovira sends small electrical pulses through the two handle pads which you stick onto the effected area. The pulses overload your nerves, stopping the pain signals travelling to your brain - how cool is technology!


The Fix

If you’ve been following along for a while, you’ll know were big fans here at Luna HQ of The Fix. The Fix offer supplements that help with all areas of your cycle from skin health to cramps. We’ve tried them all but the stand outs for us were the “XCRAMP” and the “XALL” supplements. We found that taking the XCRAMP supplements for the week before our period helped to minimise cramps caused by our period. The XALL supplements are a great all rounder and help to maintain a healthy immune system while boosting energy levels and offer a great foundation for your cycle.


Period Briefs

We couldn’t not include period briefs because they’re really the heart of everything we do. Like most of you, we were sceptical at first, some of the team hadn’t even tried period briefs before starting at Luna. But now we can’t imagine how we ever lived without them! The biggest difference we’ve noticed is how much period briefs have helped to minimise cramps – occasionally we go back to the old ball and chain (tampons) and instantly notice an increase in cramps. This is likely due to the chemicals found in disposable period protection, also known as PFAS. PFAS are proven to increase uterine cramping alongside some other nasty conditions. Everyone’s flow is different, so if you find your on the heavier side we recommend trying our Eco Period Full Brief. If you feel like you need an extra layer, we recommend wearing your briefs with a Menstrual Cup to ensure you stay leak free.

Luna Tip: Extra heavy flow? Try our Luna LBL’s. These briefs feature an extra layer of leak lock protection and are great for those super heavy days.


The Seed Cycle

If you haven’t heard of Seed Cycling – welcome. To learn more about how Seed Cycling works you can read more here. The Luna team have been seed cycling for two months now and whilst we were sceptical at first we can’t believe how much it’s helped! We noticed glowier, more hydrated skin at the 3-week mark and found our cycles felt more regular than ever before! We noticed positive changes in symptoms caused by hormonal changes like PMS and breakouts and found we had more energy on those days where we’d ordinarily be sluggish. Whilst it’s too early for us to tell how much this affects our conditions like Endometriosis and PCOS, we’ll be sure to check in with you around the 6-month mark for a full review. But so far, so good!

We hope this guide helps you along your menstrual journey!

If you have tried any other products that have helped with your cycle, or have found something you'd like us to try you can email us at




Please note this guide is for educational purposes only. The products in this guide are not promoted or endorsed by Love Luna. These products have been tried and tested by the Love Luna team and have helped with menstrual symptoms, however everyone's flow is different, what works for us may not work for you and that's ok. Love Luna recommends consulting your health care professional before trialling any new products to see if they are right for you. 

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