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LBL Full Brief - Black
Carolyn Dennis


Very comfortable

Excellent, just a little request is it possible to have. Elastic in the legs for comfort. ? Kindest. Regards. Serena. 😇😇

They fit perfectly.

Period Midi Brief - Black
Andrea Quarrell
The best!!

I’ve tried other brands but find that these are the most comfortable, great style, cut and material. I also find the I have less odour in this brand too.
Only thing I can complain about is plz bring back different colours I bought these in pink, blue and khaki previously and would love to be able to mix it up still.
Thankyou 😊

Excellent product, thank you

Good fit, I like them.

Calming & comfy

Comfortable, look great on, actually help to calm down itchy irritated skin during hot flushes

Calming & comfy

Comfortable, look great on, actually help to calm down itchy irritated skin during hot flushes

Calming & comfy

Comfortable, look great on, actually help to calm down itchy irritated skin during hot flushes

Great value for money

My granddaughter liked these. She’s 12 but little and the 8 to 10 fitted her well. They look like normal netball knickers. Will buy more from this company when the floral ones come back in.

Period Full Brief - Black
nice fit

nice fit ..easy to use .. easy to clean

Worth the hassle and cost of getting to Canada

Bought some while on holiday. No more need for pads for leaks. Yeah!

Excellent comfortable product

So happy with my purchase! I used the size chart and it worked well for me. I love that the gusset liner has a cotton feel. These suits rinse well and hold up nicely even with regular use during the summer months. Helps me feel much more secure in my swimsuit!

Smooth, comfortable

Comfortable and smooth.

Everything I could've imagined.

I have tried other brands period undies and these guys just make the best all round. I thought I'd give the active shorts a go because the normal ones are comfy but I just wanted that extra coverage when I play sport. These are perfect. Literally so comfy and are like gym/bike shorts but with the coverage and security that I'm not going to leak through white sports shorts. 100% recommend.

Excellent purchase

These are an excellent fit and appear very high quality. Very happy.

LBL Full Brief - Black
Lucinda Davis

LBL Full Brief - Black

Very comfortable, true to size

So cute

Love Luna are my go to period pants. I have a few that a years old that I know use as my light and in-between period pants and I still feel protected.
These luxe panties are gorgeous. Their true size and comfortable. I'll buy more.

Adult Period Swim Full Brief - Black


Great, fits perfectly.


Love them.

So comfortable

I bought the LBL (Lady Leaks) version of these for medium/heavy flow while on sale. Arrived next day which I was impressed by. The knickers look good on (to say what you're using them for) and fit true to size. They have quite a well padded gusset (I had been put off from using period underwear before thinking they'd not be absorbent enough).

Used them on the first day on their own and really comfy and no leaks but used an extra pad overnight and when out and about, the following day.

I do suffer from very heavy periods and often need to use night pads during the day. The second day, I did leak while wearing these pants and a night pad, in about an hour and a half. So if you have really heavy periods, I wouldn't use these on their own until your flow gets a bit lighter.

I'd still use these pants though as extra protection/on lighter days and am thinking of getting some of the super period briefs for nights and heavier days as wearing these are so much more comfortable than using disposable pads (that don't always stay put, shrink up or chafe and leak when you move - why I thought i'd try these in the first place, as had gotten so fed up of having to wash PJ bottoms and knickers from the previous night regularly throughout my period and worried they'd be ruined from the staining). Overall, I am happy with this product and glad that at last, I can wear something that feels nice to wear, during my period.

Had some spots

it is comfy but I did have some blood spots on my pants.

Not leak proof

I'm not sure if maybe the gusset isn't wide enough but when used on my heaviest days I leak over the sides. My other brand of period undies in the same style doesn't have this issue. I'm sure they'll be fine for lighter days