Navigating Motherhood: The Ultimate Maternity Wardrobe Guide

Whether you’re new to motherhood, expecting or know someone with a baby on the way Love Luna has got you covered in this guide to finding your ultimate maternity wardrobe.

No body knows leaks better than Luna, so it made sense we create a collection of super absorbent and ultra comfortable maternity wear – and that’s just what we did.

Meet your breast-feeding besties: Introducing Maternity from Love Luna.

Up first, The Maternity Bra:

If there’s ever a time to need a supportive bra, it’s now. But we get it, you also need it to be functional, comfortable and something that can transition on the go. A badly-fitted bra is never good, but especially during this time. With your milk coming in it’s likely your breasts will increase in size and opting for an ill-fitting bra can lead to poor posture, back pain and neck pain, which is truly the last thing you need right now.

Let’s break down the design –

Our maternity bra is made from recycled nylon and is super soft, meaning you won’t be rushing to throw it off the second you get home (we’ve all been there.) The bras soft moulded cups and wire casing mean you’ll be supported no matter what you’re doing, with the added benefit of being completely adjustable so you can loosen or tighten as needed. Our maternity bra is a sling in garment and features maternity clips for easy access when breastfeeding. As if it couldn’t get better the bra also features internal pockets and comes with 2 sets of our reusable nursing pads which sit snug inside the bra. The pockets minimise movement and help the nursing pads stay in place – nifty right! Now we know what you’re thinking – reusable nursing pads…? But don’t worry, we’ve thought of everything, our nursing pads are made to minimise bacteria growth so no need to stress about germs building up between washes. To read more about our Nursing Pads, head to “All about our Maternity Nursing Pads” further down.

How to know if your maternity bra fits well?

  1. The entire breast should fit comfortably inside the cup of the bra, with no bulging out the sides or at the top of the bra. If you find you are spilling out, we recommend sizing up.
  2. The centre of the bra (the part in between the two cups) should sit flat against your body, creating a nice supportive seal.
  3. The bottom band should sit horizontal across your back and remain level at the front, with minimal movement.
  4. It’s important to adjust the straps to suit your body, the straps should sit comfortable on the shoulders without slipping off or digging in.

Next up in our must-have maternity line up is our Maternity Cami:

Picture this, you’re in a rush to get to the store, you can’t find your clothes because washing isn’t exactly at the top of your list right now – what to wear, what to wear?

Then you remember your Maternity Cami, you swap out the nursing pads for clean ones and are ready to go.

Not sold yet? Ok let’s break it down:

Similar to the Maternity Bra, our Maternity Cami comes with 2 sets of our reusable nursing pads and features the same internal pockets to keep you leak-locked and comfortable all day long. Our Maternity Cami can be worn day or night and sits perfectly under outfits but can also be worn on its own – maternity capsule wardrobe incoming! The cami features easy to undo maternity clips as well as front adjustable straps making breast feeding on the go easier than ever. There’s no question of comfort when it comes to our Maternity Cami as its made from organic cotton, is oh-so soft to touch and is wirefree – perfect for max-relaxing. The cami can also be worn with the Maternity Bra for added support when heading out. Pair me with a pair of elastic waist linen pants in summer or your go to trackies in winter. Trust us, you’ll feel put together with minimal effort even on those days where you’ve barely slept (green tea also helps.)

Last but not least and perhaps our fave on the list – let’s chat Reusable Maternity pads.

All about our Maternity Nursing Pads:

Ok, so you’ve just left the hospital, and you’ve been sent to buy Nursing Pads. You get to the store to find the same disposable ones they’ve been selling for years – the ones with the adhesive back, you know the ones. Yes, they’re fine, yes, they will move around in your bra (take it from us), but it’s also 2024, which means buying something to use and then throw away is OUT. Here’s where our Reusable Maternity Pads come in.

Our Reusable Maternity Pads are made from organically farmed cotton, which means their gentle on the body, the environment and helps to significantly reduce bacteria build up. Our Maternity Pads are also made using the same 4 layer leak-lock technology we use in our Period Briefs – so when we say we’ve got sneaky leaks on lock, we mean it!  The nursing pads feature a waterproof layer and an absorbent padding which prevents you from leaking through your bra and shirt, whilst keeping any moisture locked away. The pads can be worn on their own or can be swapped out on the go in your Maternity Bra or Cami.


So, there you have it mum to be – your ultimate maternity wardrobe all in one place.

Send this to a friend who’s expecting, or maybe even to a partner who needs a helpful nudge… We got you girl, and you’ve got this!

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