Think you can't swim on your period? Think again! Luna Swim is here, designed to protect you from sneaky leaks in and out of the water. Perfect for light periods, bladder leaks, those spotting days in-between or when you're not quite sure your period will arrive. 

Will I leak once in the water?

The layers in our swim range work to trap and absorb blood while in the water.
We do suggest if you are having a heavy flow day, to use our Swim range as a backup with our Luna Menstrual Cup.

Some of our most frequently asked Swim questions

Can I swim on my period, is it safe?
You can absolutely swim on your period thanks to our Swim range, and there is no increased risk of infection while swimming on your period as pools are treated with chemicals to protect against bodily fluids. There is nothing unhygienic about it! We do recommend to shower as soon as you get out of the water and don't stay in your wet bathers for too long!

I get period pains/cramps - will swimming make them worse?
Research has shown that swimming can actually help in reducing period cramps. Exercise and physical activity releases endorphins - which act as a natural painkiller.

So, be honest, will I attract sharks swimming on my period??
Fear not Luna Lovers! That is actually a myth and there is zero evidence to suggest that sharks are particularly drawn to people who are menstruating. So unless you go swimming in shark infested waters (pretty please do not!) you will be fine!

How does Luna Swim work?

Four absorbent layers of protection in the gusset work to trap and absorb your period so it does not leak.

Once in the laundry with detergent, the blood is released through the top layer. Reminder: Wash in a cold cycle, no fabric softener and do not tumble dry.

Period Swim