Luna Menstrual Cup
Luna Menstrual Cup
Luna Menstrual Cup
Luna Menstrual Cup

Luna Menstrual Cup

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Luna Menstrual Cup is a beautiful streamlined menstrual cup, made from premium FDA Registered medical grade silicone. It has no prominent ridges or seams, making it smooth and comfortable.

The stem has been designed smaller and the pearl-like increments make it easy to trim. Once trimmed the cup retains its aesthetics and remains comfortable with no sharp edges. The stem is shorter, rounder and you will be less aware of its presence.

Luna Menstrual cup is considered a firmer style cup, the silicone will soften as it warms up inside your body. At first it can appear to be a bit larger than most cups but we have found that once you get the hang of inserting this cup you will find it will be one of the most comfortable cups you have ever used. Please check our cups folds page for more information on how to insert your cup.

Your Cup comes in a beautiful box made from responsibly sourced cardboard, printed in vegetable inks.

  • Capacity: 22ml
  • Length including stem: 62mm
  • Length of cup:44.5mm
  • Width of diameter: 42mm
  • Capacity: 31ml
  • Length including stem: 67mm
  • Length of cup: 51mm
  • Width of diameter: 46mm
How to care for your lunas. Step 1 rinse in cold water. Step 2 Put in a luna washbag, then throw in with your regular washing, wash on a cold cycle. Step 3 Hang up to dry (no dryer!)