We’ve Partnered with the experts at HeiQ and have applied their HeiQ Smart Temp intelligent fabric treatment to our entire ACCLIMATIZE range. HeiQ Smart Temp gives your clothes the ability to interact with your own body temperature. To cut the long story short, it helps you to cool down when your body heats up or becomes sweaty. Once your cooling is complete, it then slows down your heat loss to keep you comfortable and at an ideal temperature, all night long.

  • Cooling is activated by rising body temperature and deactivated once your cooling is complete
  • Helps to maintain a balanced temperature day and night
  • Up to 2.5°C/4.5°F cooler fabric temperature
  • HeiQ Smart Temp keeps you cool in your Luna Sleepwear with its exceptional efficiency and durability to washing 


Being too hot or cold at night can be annoying when all you want to do is get a good night’s rest! Love Luna's ACCLIMATIZE sleepwear range not only looks and feels extremely soft, but it also has some major thermoregulating benefits.

* Data provided by HeiQ based on testing conducted on other materials.