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In honour of Mental Health Awareness Month, we thought we’d take the opportunity to check in with our Love Luna team. We’re taking the time to get to know them, their cycles and what tools they use to practice self-care.


What’s the funniest/most absurd period fact, legend or myth you’ve ever come across?

Bella (Social Media and Marketing Coordinator) - I remember being told in school by some other students that if I went swimming on my period a shark would sniff me out and eat me. It’s haunted me ever since. I still won’t swim on my period, I’m not trying to be shark bait.

Belinda (Senior Account Manager) - That you get your period once a month and at the same time every month – LOL!

 Do you have any advice to your younger self regarding your cycle?

Cassie (Social Media and Marketing Manager) - Track your symptoms throughout the entirety of your cycle not just when on your period! This will be your best friend.

Devney (Senior Designer and Developer) - Regulating and looking after your hormones is so important. Make sure you eat nourishing foods, eat enough, move daily and limit/ manage stress is incredibly important for women. 

Do you think your period affects your mental health, if so, how?

Shilo (Graphic Designer) - Absolutely!! I get so anxious around my period scared of how heavy it will be, since having a baby it is incredibly heavy! Also PMS is no joke, I get so moody and quite down on myself.

Belinda  (Senior Account Manager) - As a chronic endometriosis sufferer, the pain & discomfort that comes with each period does negatively impact my mental health. You just don’t feel up to doing much when it arrives. For me it is also a monthly reminder of my inability to have children, so it can also be a bit of a sad time as well.

What does a “big sister” look like to you?

Bella (Social Media and Marketing Coordinator) - “Big sister” is a badge I wear very proudly. I have a younger sister who is quite literally my best friend. I’ve been a big sis since I was 5 and have loved every minute of it. Being a big sister means looking out for others, leading by example, taking the time to really connect with others. I think being a big sister also requires you to pave the way for those yet to come. Which is why I am so passionate about my position here at Love Luna.

Shilo (Graphic Designer) - Looking out for others. I am a big sister and I would literally drop everything if my little sister needed me. Just being there when someone needs you even if it’s just to listen.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received?

Devney (Senior Designer and Developer) - “If not now, then when?”  This saying always motivates me to take action, or to take the leap and do something for myself instead of procrastinating.

Cassie (Social Media and Marketing Manager) - If you don’t try you’ll never know, take risks and everything will work itself out.

Belinda  (Senior Account Manager) - ‘’If you don’t have your health, you have nothing’’

What’s your go-to comfort meal to cook for yourself?

Bella (Social Media and Marketing Coordinator) - I love to cook recipes that remind me of my childhood. Especially when I’m in a mental slump. I’m such a foodie and find that these recipes help warm me from the inside out. My go-to’s are recipes passed down from my Grandma Dell and Tayta Therese. They include chicken pies, tuna casserole, riz ala dajaj (Lebanese chicken & rice) and tabouli.

Devney (Senior Designer and Developer) - Nachos, or, I weirdly love making a giant array of roast vegetables with fresh rosemary from the garden.

How do you practice mental self-care during your cycle?

Shilo (Graphic Designer) - Honestly, I need to do more self-care! Being a new mum I struggle to find time for anything for myself. Probably just getting outside for some fresh air and sun.

Cassie (Social Media and Marketing Manager) - Walking and pilates. I feel like light physical activity really helps me with my pain management and my mental health.

 If your PMS had an alter-ego, what would her name be?

Bella (Social Media and Marketing Coordinator) - I’m moody at the best of times, so when PMS sets in it can get a bit intense. In the past my partner has named my “cranky” alter-ego Blair. She’s snarky, always right, and will ruin your life if you look at her wrong. Can you guess which iconic TV character he’s paying homage too?

Devney (Senior Designer and Developer) - Snack Queen for sure

Cassie (Social Media and Marketing Manager) - KAREN!! Comes with strong opinions, out of no where and is brutal

Belinda  (Senior Account Manager) - Maleficent - the villain in Sleeping Beauty.

What’s one self-care tool/method you’d like to implement into your cycle this month?

Shilo (Graphic Designer) - Going to the gym, alone! My mental health benefits greatly from moving but moving for me - not just chasing my toddler around the park haha.

Cassie (Social Media and Marketing Manager) - Slow down and reflect. Prioritising taking time for myself, especially during peaks of my cycle where I need the extra rest.

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